CIO/CISO Boardroom: Rightsizing Your Cybersecurity Posture for the Age of the Remote Workplace.

May 21, 2020 | 2:00 - 3:30PM MST

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a globally catalytic event, forcing organizations around the world to move their employees to remote work environments. The pandemic will eventually abate, but the shift to a work-from-home culture will likely be irreversible as organizations realize the opportunities of a remote workforce that is competitive, productive and most of all, secure.

But how do today's organizations right size to enable the best of both worlds? What is the optimal balance of remote and onsite employees for your organization? How can I trust that their cybersecurity is as secure offsite as onsite? And what will it take for my organization to transition to this new WFH paradigm?

If you're looking for new answers to these questions, then join CDM Media's J.D. Miller for an exclusive boardroom discussion on Rightsizing Your Cybersecurity Posture for the Age of the Remote Workplace. This invitation-only event will draw from the experiences of the attendees, offering thoughts on how they have adjusted to recent events. Among the discussion topics:

  • How well prepared is my organization for this new normal of a majority remote workforce?
  • What are my greatest concerns today in dealing with remote workforce cybersecurity and how can these be addressed?
  • How can a zero trust posture assist in the transition to a dynamic and globally distributed remote workforce?
  • How does my organization ?right size? to remain competitive once the kinks of a remote workforce are ironed out?

Joining J.D. to provide expert insight will be Pam Kubiatowski, Senior Director of  Transformation Strategy, from Zscaler. You'll have the opportunity to discuss the topic with a handful of senior executives and market leaders in an informal, closed-door setting, from which you will emerge with new strategies and solutions you can immediately put to work.


  • COVID-19 has been instrumental in forcing the hand of many organizations in enabling a remote workforce. Do you think that the genie can ever be put back in the bottle, or are we now looking at a totally different way that we work going forward? What are the cybersecurity implications of this?
  • What are your three top recommendations for cybersecurity teams to mitigate the inherent risks with this transition?
  • How do you get mindshare (and budget) for critical cybersecurity initiatives?
  • How can the C-suite make the best of this new reality and what do they need to prioritize from a cybersecurity standpoint?

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