CISO Healthcare Digital Boardroom: Gauging Organization-Wide Preparedness for Cyber Threats

May 19, 2020 - 2:00 - 3:30PM CST

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Hackers will be targeting your business and trying to pinpoint your most critical assets long before you know they are there. Even if your security program is mature enough to protect endpoints and patch vulnerabilities routinely, your IT and security teams aren't the sole sentinels defending the business. Maintaining security is a shared responsibility across the entire organization, encompassing every team and individual. All it takes is one employee accessing one phishing email to put your enterprise at risk. Many security vulnerabilities can be caught and resolved by ensuring your enterprise is performing security hygiene basics, so be sure to work on practicing good security behaviors with the C-suite, board and other employees.

Establishing a positive security culture within your organization can improve your credibility with business executives, making them willing to discuss more advanced security strategies with you. Additionally, employees can contribute to organization-wide preparedness against cyber threats by participating in incentivized and engaging security training. The results of said training will give your security team even clearer metrics to analyze about the true state of enterprise security, and they can develop a plan to prioritize risks and improve future results.

  • What types of assets are cyber attackers targeting, and what makes these assets attractive? How much visibility do you have into your assets, and how do you detect, prioritize and respond to vulnerabilities?
  • How would you rank your organization's security maturity and preparedness for cyber threats? What is preventing your security team from reaching optimal levels on a technical level? What about on a cultural level? How does your organization perceive security - as a help or a hindrance? How do we change negative perceptions to develop a positive security culture?
  • What do you consider to be good security behaviors, and how can they be instilled across work levels and teams? What kind of security training and education do you provide to employees to improve organization-wide preparedness? What results have surprised you and helped you perform better?
  • What language is effective for getting security executives and upper management on the same page about cybersecurity? What soft skills are most desired for security leaders to have to be effective communicators?

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