Zero Trust Can Be For Everyone

Oct. 20, 2020 | 3:00 - 4:30 PM BST

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Juan Rodriguez, Chief Information Office, Cloudflare


Zero Trust Can Be For Everyone

Why business leaders and security professional should prioritize Zero Trust How Cloudflare helps thousands of organizations big and small take their first steps towards Zero Trust and how Cloudflare has adopted Zero Trust best practices

Cloudflare will share its perspective on how organizations with different IT stacks and infosec maturity can begin implementing Zero Trust. Cloudflare will also share how it is approaching Zero Trust security within its own business.

Attendees will learn about Zero Trust principles - what they are, why they are important, and what strategies they can pursue to implement them. Attendees will leave with a better sense for how to realize Zero Trust in their organizations based, in part, on Cloudflare's own experiences and customer engagements.

About this fireside chat:

Attack surfaces are expanding infinitely outwards, particularly with the rise of remote work through the global pandemic. With employees more vulnerable than ever, organizations can no longer rely on legacy 'castle-and-moat' security approaches.

Zero Trust has emerged as a compelling framework to address the failures of perimeter-based security and enables longer-term business agility. It's aspirational, but not unachievable.

Join Juan Rodriguez, CIO of Cloudflare, for an interactive virtual roundtable event as we discuss how organizations can and should modernize their IT architecture with Zero Trust. Juan will also share how Cloudflare has adopted Zero Trust and how those experiences have informed how we have helped other organizations take their first steps toward security transformation.

Space is limited to ensure a more intimate exchange of ideas and experiences amongst the participants.


  • Why business leaders and security professional should prioritize Zero Trust How Cloudflare is adopting Zero Trust best practices
  • How Cloudflare helps organizations of diverse infosec maturities take their first steps towards Zero Trust
  • How C-suite executives can collaborate to create, promote, and deliver on a Zero Trust strategy
  • What questions and activities Cloudflare recommends when evaluating technologies to adopt Zero Trust

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