Minimizing Supply Chain Disruptions in Uncertain Times

July 28, 2021 12:00 - 1:00 PM CDT

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Minimizing Supply Chain Disruptions in Uncertain Times

Today, both the manufacturing and retail industries are facing unprecedented supply chain disruptions resulting from the unanticipated COVID-19 epidemic. Though each industry faces somewhat different challenges at the margin, both can reap the benefits associated with optimized and connected supply chains leveraging advanced data analytics and machine learning (ML). Supply chain disruptions have led retailers and manufacturers to reconsider their supply chain strategies, particularly in two key areas: 

  • Supply chain network design for resiliency: Advanced analytics are being used to redesign the supply chain network, once optimized for cost and responsiveness, for resiliency planning to ensure a steady flow of raw materials or finished goods in non-steady-state market conditions. In this boardroom we will discuss how organizations are using analytics to truly identify supply chain constraints and risks with new data sources.
  • Improved demand forecasting: Considering recent high visibility examples of raw material and finished goods supply chain shortages, enterprises are seeking further improvements in demand forecasting. We will discuss richer and more real-time oriented new data sources including IOT enabled in transit data and other real-time data sources such social media, web clickstream, weather, and competitive pricing to drive enhanced and agile supply chain decisions. 

Are you prepared for future supply chain disruptions? Do you have the right insights and trends to assure supply chain agility, speed, and resiliency? Join this discussion with your peers to make sure you and your company are prepared. 

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