Understanding Cyberattack Risk in Your Organization: Time to Re-evaluate the Fundamentals?

May 6, 2021| 2:00 - 3:30 PM EST

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Understanding Cyberattack Risk in Your Organization: Time to Re-evaluate the Fundamentals?

With ransomware, malware, and other cyberattacks on the rise, business leaders are understandably concerned about mitigating risk of a catastrophic malicious attack. In 2020 alone:

  • 51% of businesses were hit with a ransomware attack
  • The average ransom demand was $178K, and the largest publicized payment was $11.8M
  • Ransomware costs organizations approximately $75B annually

Although these devastating business interruptions are one of the biggest concerns of executive management today, many organizations still consider cyberattacks more of an IT problem than a business risk management problem. This session will cover common cyberattack risk areas and how leaders can address current challenges with a pragmatic approach that focuses on implementing foundational security as part of a comprehensive overall risk management strategy.

Among the discussion topics:

  • What are your biggest concerns about the risk to the business of the relentless increase in cyberattacks?
  • How can organizations ensure that budget spent on security solutions are in fact reducing the company's overall risk profile?
  • Has your company made any structural changes to the organization to ensure that IT leaders who manage identity and access control are contributing to discussions with executives about managing the risk of cyberattacks?
  • Given that many cyberattacks start by exploiting vulnerabilities in IT systems, how has your company pivoted to ensure that foundational security practices are closing some of the most common gaps?

Take Aways:

  • How organizations can evolve structurally to ensure that IT security is
  • How to ensure that spending on security results in demonstrable improvements in an organization's security posture
  • How to develop a plan and timeline for closing fundamental (but often overlooked) gaps in identity security

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