Turmoil and Opportunity within the Office of Finance

Jan. 18, 2022 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM PST

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Turmoil and Opportunity within the Office of Finance

The pandemic, global Supply Chain disruption, inflation, labor shortages and market volatility, have most Offices of Finance scrambling feverishly to figure out what adjustments to make to annual and strategic plans, to remain on safe ground. In other cases, CFOs are simply trying to figure out how to survive the next 12-18 months.

Because of this, today's Office of Finance leaders are once again at the forefront of making the most critical company decisions, based on the information available to them. They are tasked with the challenges of forecasting unknown demand, often with limited technology and stretched team resources. And now the ability to quickly adjust strategies is paramount to survival. It's no longer enough to take on digital transformation initiatives to reduce waste, free-up capacity and drive revenue.

The Resurgent Finance Leader knows he/she now needs to invest in agility for their very survival. He/she also have realized the right financial technology, that rapidly deploys data and analytics securely at scale, will help them do this. Having the right data, people and analytic processes NOW, will afford the Office of Finance to better adapt and adjust to the post pandemic world, and unforeseen volatility into the future.

The Resurgent Finance Leader realizes that the current environment is the opportunity of a lifetime to lead the finance function of the future, but that this finance function needs radical transformation to seize market growth opportunities.

Key Takeaways

Join our roundtable to share in the dialogue and discuss:

  1. Key lessons learned during the pandemic and how to build up your team post-pandemic
  2. How to enable new data collection techniques, which transforms data into an asset, not just another element to manage/reconcile
  3. Steps to co-create the future of your business while delivering agile, scenario-based budgeting and forecasting process to inform decision-making and align finance with sales, operational, and strategic planning stakeholders
  4. Why there's a need for, and how to build a digital transformation business case, harnessing people, processes and new technologies and;
  5. Lastly, why the resurging finance leaders know that they're the ones best able to help steer the business in a data-driven world.

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