AI and Automation: An Idea Share for Reinventing the Workforce 11am-12pm ET

June 2, 2022 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PMEDT

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AI and Automation: An Idea Share for Reinventing the Workforce 11am-12pm ET

The global pandemic has led to widespread labor shortages and a massive digital shift - with ten years' worth of digitization occurring in less than a year. Companies realize the pressing need to automate their operations in order to stay relevant and competitive. Businesses are applying the latest innovations in intelligent automation to drive efficiency throughout the enterprise. Companies from car manufacturers to hospitals to telecommunications companies have integrated intelligent automation into the workflow to help with planning, predict customer needs, and alert workers to potential performance issues, for just a few examples.

This enterprise-wide approach to optimizing operational efficiency allows businesses to dismantle data silos and connect systems so that information flows seamlessly, enabling timely responses to changes in demand and other events impacting the business.

Join us for a timely idea share, where you and your peers will discuss where you stand in your automation journey, your challenges, and success in dealing with this massive digital shift. We'll also explore cases of organizations from various industries that have made the successful transition to automate their operations, in turn:


  • Automating your business is no longer a choice, it's an imperative to remain relevant and competitive
  • Intelligent automation can help you orchestrate your workforce and maximize operational efficiency
  • The enterprise-wide approach to automation starts with experts who can analyze and identify problems and opportunities in your processes

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